Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Year Anniversary

Well.  A year ago today I was in the hospital for a five days of treatment with a drug that has resulted in miracles for MS sufferers.  As in genuine get up out of the wheel chair and walk miracles.  Unfortunately there are no, and were no, guarantees and I am not the lucky recipient of one of those miracles.  

In fact, if anything, the treatment and the damage that killing off my immune system did to my body was probably a set back.  It still had to be done but the price was a miserable 10 days in the hospital, some degradation of my condition, and no miracle.

Crap.  So what gives for the past year.  Unfortunately it seems like a continued, if not accelerated, decline as what little myelin I have protecting my nerve is eroded away.  I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to review recommendations from the second opinion but I hold little hope for anything dramatic.

There is a chance the disease will burn itself out.  Can't come too soon.  I can still walk.  Barely and on two crutches, but still, barely.  More after the appointment on Thursday but, as said above, not optimistic.

See, that is why there have been so few updates!

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