Thursday, June 9, 2016

Is it the Weather, Stupid?

The weather, in terms of heat and humidity, play havoc with my nervous system.  This is ironic given the years that I spent on boats...unimaginable now.  Interestingly this does not seem to be the case with all MS sufferers as I have met someone who positively loves the heat of the sun and feels no impact from it...rare though.

In my case heat from any source is bad and there also seems to be a humidity link and a link to a change in the weather...but I say seemingly because nothing is ever 100% correlated.    Two days ago I had an almost complete meltdown.  Not quite paralyzed but close.  Luckily it only lasted the day and I felt better yesterday and even better today.   Interestingly it was pretty hot two days ago (for England), it was humid, and a front was set to move through.

Well the front has moved through, the temperature has dropped, as has the humidity, and I feel pretty good.  Now remember, when I say pretty good, I mean relatively speaking.  If it were ten years ago and I woke up feeling like I did this morning I would have called an ambulance.  But it is all relative.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Last Ditch Counter Attack from the Trenches

Appropriate title given that 100 years ago trench warfare was being waged on an unprecedented scale across Europe?  I have largely run out of sanctioned medical treatments for my disease with the failure of the talemtuzumab infusions last year.   Yes, I am working on one more but have little confidence that it will do any better as it is pretty much based on the same principal.

Doesn't leave me with a lot of options beyond what Dr. Google can come up with?   In truth there are some diet options that are worth an experiment.  Ironically, one of them works in a manner similar to Alemtuzumab.  Starving the body seems to cause the immune system to behave.

The above is a little drastic but there is no doubt in my mind that food has an impact on my symptoms if not my disease progression.  We have cut out a lot of saturated fats as they are a culprit but this week I am going to go Vegan for five days.  Next month I may try the above diet for another five days.

Not terribly optimistic but at this point anything is worth a try.