Sunday, June 5, 2016

Last Ditch Counter Attack from the Trenches

Appropriate title given that 100 years ago trench warfare was being waged on an unprecedented scale across Europe?  I have largely run out of sanctioned medical treatments for my disease with the failure of the talemtuzumab infusions last year.   Yes, I am working on one more but have little confidence that it will do any better as it is pretty much based on the same principal.

Doesn't leave me with a lot of options beyond what Dr. Google can come up with?   In truth there are some diet options that are worth an experiment.  Ironically, one of them works in a manner similar to Alemtuzumab.  Starving the body seems to cause the immune system to behave.

The above is a little drastic but there is no doubt in my mind that food has an impact on my symptoms if not my disease progression.  We have cut out a lot of saturated fats as they are a culprit but this week I am going to go Vegan for five days.  Next month I may try the above diet for another five days.

Not terribly optimistic but at this point anything is worth a try.

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