Monday, August 22, 2016

Scientific Method be Gone Here

Am taking a more rigorous, and enthusiastic, approach to diet give that it is one of the few avenues open to me.  Have retained the services of a nutritionist and have made some changes based on her least one pice of which most of our mothers would have advised.  The latter being "Eat Your Vegetables!".  In support of this latter decree we have gotten a nutribullet to augment my normal meals with a veggie smoothie every day.

The nutritionist has also started me on a regime of supplements (including mushroom therapy) designed to fight inflammation and we have done a food intolerance test.  The food intolerance test came back with three foods that caused a distinct reaction (cow's milk, yeast, goats milk)  and three that caused a moderate reaction (gluten, egg yolks, zinfandel grapes).

We have not met yet to discuss the results of the food intolerance test but I have cut all dairy products from my diet.  Goats milk was not an issue!  Yeast is a whole 'nuther matter as it is in everything.   Will have to talk about this one.   Our goal is to try to adhere to a diet that completely avoids some or all of the intolerance items for some amount of time in which results should be noticeable.

Here it becomes obvious that scientific method has gone out the window.   We have a change of diet to include more vegetables, two streams of supplements, and avoidance of multiple food groups.   Oh well.


  1. I hope the mushroom therapy does not involve sitting in the dark, and, you know...


    1. I have also tried meditation and in three attempts have meditated myself right to sleep. In the dark or not!