Sunday, February 22, 2015


First symptoms manifested themselves during the early to 90’s in the form of a visual disturbance in the right eye.   Would get worse with exercise or heat and better when drinking a cold beverage.   Optical neuritis and possible MS finally diagnosed, after much non-diagnosis, finally in 2000.
At some point in these early years my hearing in my right ear was also compromised with symptoms being difficulty hearing across background noise.   Hearing test confirmed that hearing itself was fine but that getting it to the brain and translated was not working.   During these early years Dr. Genut confirmed his initial finding re MS supported by observation, MRIs, and a spinal tap.
First motor symptom occurred in 2002 with right ankle becoming weak and walking with a pronounced limp.   This passed within a week or two but difficulty walking for extended periods started to develop during the following years.  
Initially treated with Avonex but moved to Copaxone primary for the easier administration.   I just could not do the needle into the muscle.   Copaxone is administered into the skin with a device that makes it easy.
Symptoms continued to progress slowly though more motor function was being lost and endurance walking became further compromised.   Periods of visual disturbance seemed to be increasing, or tolerance lowering, tingling in right hand noticed.  I also recently started taking Ampyra which does help with walking and also seems to help with other symptoms.
In August of 2012 I moved to the UK with my English wife (a long term planned move).   Since I have been here I feel as if my symptom worsening has accelerated.   In particular, I am finding it measurably more difficult to walk a course that I try to do daily (couple hundred yards outside our house).   In addition right eye visual disturbance has become almost constant.   Tingling in right hand is now constant and left is intermittent.   Balance over the past month has also been significantly compromised.
It has become time to try something more drastic.

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