Friday, July 10, 2015

Month 6 - Please tell me this was not a "Lesson"

Last Friday morning, a week ago, I had the second IV of steroids.   In an earlier post I mentioned that I had to pressure the night shift into not making wait for shift change.   The nurse that finally decided to set me up had a lot of trouble getting the cannula into my arm.  As in multiple painful attempts each time complaining that my skin was tight.  As you can see from the picture it is still grossly black and blue.

This was the worst, by far, experience that I have ever had with getting a cannula inserted or blood taken.  Including all the other times that I have been poked in the same ward or downstairs in the same hospital.  Or anywhere.  Three, or was it four, attempts each more painful than the last?

It only occurred to me yesterday that a paranoid person would wonder if it was a deliberate lesson that I was being taught.   That lesson being to to wait for the shift change next time?  I hope not.  I really don't want to believe it.   Maybe skin does tighten up after a day of steroid treatment.

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