Thursday, July 9, 2015

Month 6 - Steroid High - Steroid Crash

In my last post I mention feeling better.  I continued to feel better through Saturday.  Really good in fact.  No, I had not thrown down my crutches and proclaimed that I was healed, but I did feel pretty good.  Which was then followed by a couple days of feeling really quite bad.

I am trying to be English here and do the whole understatement thing.  In American terms I felt like absolute crap.  Sara did a little research and learned that this is not exactly unusual with steroid treatments.  I have had them before but never with such an extreme reaction.  Obviously a testament to the condition of my body at this point.

It is a week since the steroid treatment and I am feeling better.  Particularly since the weather is cooler and the humidity lower.  Not sure what impact the steroids had but have to hope for the best.

Interestingly, if you can call pain interesting, I have been fighting what Sara thinks is a Sciatica Nerve issue that is impacting my left leg.   It could be.  It completely went away during the steroid high and seems to respond to Ibuprofen.   Both implying an inflammation?

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