Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Month 7 - Everything in Slow Motion

I used to be in a hurry.  Not sure I knew why at times but in a hurry.   I still feel that urge, which is really strange because I am retired and while I am busy there is nothing that I am doing that requires me to hurry!

Unfortunately even if I did need to hurry I could not.   I guess this is relative.  There is my normal pace which varies from slow to really slow so I guess on a really slow day a hurry could be just slow? I don't mean just walking either.

There were times on business travel where I could wake up, take a shower, dress, and be in the hotel lobby in 10-15 minutes.  This was usually when I had gotten a call from my boss who was in the lobby ready to go and asking where the hell I was so there was a sense of urgency!

Now taking a shower is 45 minutes to hour experience with an hour or two to recover from the heat.  Everything in slow motion from getting undressed, to getting in the shower, to showering, and then given the impact of the heat, down to extra slow motion for the getting out of the shower, dried, and dressed.  Frustrating but what can you do?

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