Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Month 7 - MS and Cancer

Everyone knows someone that either has cancer, had cancer and survived, or had cancer and did not survive.  With one in five people destined to have cancer in their lifetime the odds make it at least somewhat likely that the reader may face, or have already faced, the disease.

These numbers make it obvious why cancer research gets the attention that it gets.  Luckily there has been some spin-off from that research to the field of MS treatment.  The drug Alemtuzumab being an example (whether it worked for me or not)!

I can imagine a scenario where it was first realized that Alemtuzumab might help with MS.  Maybe this is far fetched and whimsical but here is what I would like to think may have happened.

Imagine someone with that is already suffering from MS getting the news that they have cancer.  As if things were not already bad enough they have a possible death sentence on top of a death sentence.  I would like to imagine that they are pretty severely impacted by the MS, severe difficulty walking, if they are not already in a wheelchair.   Part of the treatment that they get for their cancer is Alemtuzumab.  They have to be pretty depressed at this point!

Now in order for my story to have the ending that I want it to have they have to get the news that post treatment scans have indicated that their cancer is in remission.   Imaging the surprise of all involved, however, then the MS suffering cancer patient walks into their appointment to get this news rather than having to be wheeled in!

I know it probably did not happen like this but it could have....

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