Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thinking About my Life and MS - Era 2 - 1968 to 1975

The second era of Will - The Hell Years

The title on this section might be a little melodramatic.  On the positive side my adoptive father was not physically violent beyond punching the occasional wall of course.  There are people that have had to deal with a lot worse.  What he was though was angry.  Always angry.  Always shouting.  Always demeaning.  Always belittling.  Always drunk.  Always a combination of all of the above.

From the time that he and my mom were married (and his adoption of me) when I was ten until the time I left home for University I struggle to come up with some good memories.  I just don't have more than a couple... and I mean a couple!  The thing that I remember the most is the shouting.  Day in and out, summer with the windows open, and winter without the neighbors hearing.  Always shouting at someone.  God how I wished him dead.

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