Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another Steroids Infusion

So...a health update.  Hard to stay in denial when you are sitting in a hospital hooked up to an IV.  Not sure the infusion will actually do any good but have to try.  The idea behind the steroids are that after or during a relapse they help get things back on track.

I am very much off the tracks so getting back on them would be a good thing.  Have lost function in left leg which had been my good one.  Worse have now lost some function in hands and arms...with my right side being worse than the left.  Vision a little worse but only a little.  Hands and arms very worrying as they really come in handy.

Am not sure the infusion will actually help as past performance is not indicative.

Am now signed up for an off label treatment that is supposed to help slow the progression of MS by weakening the immune system but not destroying it like the Lemtrada treatment last year when I started this blog.

We are running out of options...hopefully in the short term the steroids will show some benefit and that longer term the off label stuff will as well.  Or that the disease burns itself out while there is still some quality left in my life.  The question of course being how much quality does a life need to make it worth living.  I am not a Stephen Hawking.  No great books explaining my theories coming!

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