Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 79 - Jury is Still Out... (+70)

...deliberating as to whether the nine days in the hospital was worth it.   I have not posted for a while as there has been little to say other than what would sound like whining.   I continue to battle fatigue, and what's worse, further degradation of motor function. 

Before going in for the treatment I was walking inside the house with a cane and only occasionally with crutches.  Over the past weeks I have been trying to use just one crutch but have struggled to do so most of the time.  I have also had some loss of sensation and control in my hands and arms which is truly worrisome.  This comes and goes but I would prefer it to not be around at all.

What is interesting is that I felt like I was recovering until about six weeks ago (time of my second physio visit).  I had been primarily moving around on one crutch and was feeling positive.   It has gone either downhill or sideways since that point in time.

There are three possible reasons for how I am feeling.  The first being that my body is fighting an infection.   The second reason would be that I am still recovering from the treatment.  The third, and obviously worst case, is that the treatment had virtually no positive impact, and may in fact, have added a setback.

The first reason is unlikely as I really have no other symptoms of an infection and sure enough my monthly blood and urine test was normal but for the lower white cell count (which is to be expected). 

The second reason is possible given that the recovery period for the treatment can be as long as six months.   I get the feeling that this is somewhat unusual but still possible.  It all depends on how ones body deals with the damage caused by the drug.   Given that I spent nine days, instead of five, in the hospital I can only hope that my body is just being cantankerous.

Obviously, I am not a fan of the third possible reason as I am not sure what would be next.  There are not a lot of alternatives for people suffering from MS at the point where I am in the disease progression.

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