Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 36 - Glacial, as in my Speed of Recovery (+27)

Seem to have recovered from my crash of the past several days, at least I hope so anyway!   Went to the Cotswold's to celebrate parent in-laws 40th anniversary and was moving pretty slow throughout.  Scooter and two sticks mandatory.  

Ironically there might be an aspect of stress that makes my symptoms worse.   As in it is stressful to drive somewhere an hour and half away to stay in a hotel for a night.  Even more stressful than a trip to China used to be.  

Was feeling a little better on Sunday when we got home so tackled a project in the Man Cave that has been needing doing.  Pulled all the old wiring out of one side of the cave and got rid of an Xbox 360 that was not getting used.   No, not because I have grown up, but rather as I have a gaming quality PC that has replaced it!  In any  case, ouch.   Ouch being how I felt after getting started on the job and then wondering why?

I survived and have a whole box of wires that I pulled out and have not put back yet.   Amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a year and a half.   I know it should not count as exercise but it feels like it to me and so I am counting it as such!

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