Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 11 - Compliments for the NHS (again) (+2)

As I stated before I have had no complaints about the NHS.

The care from the nurses and doctors and even the porters at Charing Cross was great. My neurologist stopped in to check on me multiple times and has kept me in the loop via email.  There are a couple of other posts where I talk about the Charing Cross team.

Once I was home my GPs office helped me through a somewhat complicated process to arrange blood tests. And then tonight my GP called me to make sure that I knew the results of those blood tests and to ask if I needed anything else (the second test was up even more so she was pleased).  This was at 1900 in the evening so I suspect that she could have had other things to do!

I feel really lucky to have the socialized medicine of England here for me! 

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