Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 20 - Endurance, Or the Lack Of It (+12)

Woke up feeling pretty good.   That is once I got out of bed a stretched a little bit.  Am hugely stiff in the morning and especially when I have slept in a little.  As in until 7:00am.

Then I got active with cleaning up the house as it was an absolute disaster.  Had not been touched since Sara left and it was not particularily neat at that point.  You would think that there would be only so much mess a guy could create in two days but I did a good job.

Don't confuse active with a normal kind of active, I mean my kind of active where I scurry around for 15 or 20 minutes and then have to take a break.   In any case by the time the house was neat I was shattered.   I have to figure out a way to build some endurance to fight the fatigue.

Have sent a note to a physio group but not heard back from them.

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