Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 32 - Got Going, Stopped, Napped (+24)

Pretty much sums it up.   Got all energetic after the PT session.  As in 'energetic' not as in 'Energetic' and certainly not 'ENERGETIC'.   In any case that had me moving around again on only one stick and doing a modicum of exercise on Monday afternoon and then on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday and Thursday kinda crashed.

I wish I understood why some days are so much better than others.   This has always been the case with my MS and I suspect with others as well.   Not to mention a host of other diseases where this is also likely to be the case!

Is it the weather, something I ate the day before, or just the ebb and flow of the complex machine that is my body?  Weather is clearly a factor with MS as heat is the bane of most people that suffer from the disease.   Humidity is also a bad thing.   Anecdotally I have heard that Arizona has more than it's fair share of people that have relocated.  Which seems very odd as I don't think of Arizona as being a cool place...?  

I have tried to correlate how I feel with state of the weather and have somewhat loosely correlated a worsening in how I feel to humidity but also to changes in the weather.  But loosely.  What I have had better luck in correlating is the result of what I eat on how I feel the next day.

Basically the list boils down to just about everything that I would put on the top of my "like" list!  Things like bacon and ice cream for example.  Eating out in general.   Eating in general!

Two factors seem to have influence, first and easiest to understand, but also seemingly more temporary, is salt.   A salty meal that results in me being dehydrated over night has me waking up feeling like crap, crap, crap!  Easy solution is to re-hydrate and this usually works well and pretty quickly.   This reaction makes sense to me as a change in the body chemistry caused by being dehydrated and resulting in a change to the way nerve signals are conducted makes perfect sense.

What makes less sense is the impact of saturated fats.  As in what is in bacon, ice cream, and a lot of other stuff that tastes good.   I have observed a clear impact in how I feel the day after eating a meal high in saturated fats.   Unlike a meal that was salty, there is no glass of water that makes me feel better.   Are the saturated fats just worsening my symptoms or are the helping the disease to progress?   There are a zillion diets out there that fix MS and some of the acknowledge a link to saturated fats.  Of course there are a zillion other things that if you just do them, or pay for them, will have you walking, nay even running again.

So, to make a long story short, the whole ramble above doesnt really have anything to do with the past three days or even today!  Just sayin'

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