Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 12 - Sunburn from the Alemtuzumab (+3)

After four days of treatment I developed a rash on my stomach and chest that was truly impressive.   This is not an unusual side effect though the normal case would have been for it to appear a little sooner.

At this point it had already been decided that I would not be getting the fifth treatment until Monday (and that I might go home for the weekend) so I had asked for the IV to be removed.   I got scolded by my nurse for this as another had to be put in ASAP so that I could be pumped full of Antihistamines.   It was a truly angry shade or red and looked like the worst possible sunburn that one could get.

The ward doctor, a nice young man that looked very young to be a doctor (I am getting old) used this as a moment to remind me why they had not let me go home.   I think that he thought that I had been questioning their decision earlier.   I may have been disappointed to not be going home but I absolutely did not question the decision!

Interestingly, a couple days later and my chest and stomach are peeling just as if it had been a sun burn!   Truly gross.   I could take a picture but will not!   It is also itchy.   Got up in the middle of the night to take an antihistamine and put on lotion.

The body is a strange thing.

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