Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 11 - Getting Around the House (+2)

I am getting stronger but still need two sticks to get around the house. Two sticks not only help with my walking, they are also handy for not tipping over.  Anyway use of two sticks creates a bit of a problem when trying to carry a cup of tea!

I just happen to have a little scooter. Is a little thing that falls into the size of a suitcase for transport. A very heavy suitcase. We bought it for things like going shopping or for trips and it has come in handy.  Not so much on the cobbled streets of Portugal though!

In any case I'm using it to get around the house. Not because I can't walk with my two sticks. But because of a cup of tea!  How English is that?  One slight wrinkle... There is a bump getting into the man cave that the scooter can't jump.  Damn!

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