Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 18 - Not Much to Say (+10)

Not much to say today.  Feeling more tired that yesterday.  Tired of being tired.   I know, I know, the predicted recovery is for two to four weeks of unusally high levels of fatique.  It is almost two weeks so I should be just about done with it? 

Going to see about scheduling a Physio for next week to see if we can't work on building some endurance.   Not going to enjoy that but am sure it is the right thing to do!  Sara says so anyway. 

Got myself a haircut today.   Note to self.  Next time one decides to spend time in the hospital get a mega cut on the way in.

I am a bachelor this weekend.   Sara is off with University friends (and their young children).   Young children as in the kind that incubate germs!   Not the best thing for a weakened immune system!

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