Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 25 - More Ups and Downs (+17)

Another day similar to the one that came before!   I was feeling sorry for myself when Sara reminded me that in all the blogs that she read there were numerous that had weeks three and four actually being the worst.   Ok.   I will stop feeling sorry for myself.

Recognizing that I need help getting back into some kind of shape...not that where I started from was that great...I do have an appointment with a physio.  

On a side note.  A while ago I participated in a trial of Tysabri, an MS disease modification drug, that is approved for Relapsing, but not Secondary or Primary Progressive MS.   I left the trial because I was having some side effects that convinced me that I was on the active compound and after 18 months I was seeing no change in the progression of my disease.  I am not sure, given the clarity of hindsight, and the fact that one of the side effects (severe itching) has stayed with me, that I was on the active or that I made the right decision.   In any case that is not why I rambled on to this topic.

The trial was in London at Charing Cross that the pharma company doing the trial paid for my taxi journey in to the city.   I had a regular driver and over the months spent driving in and out of the city we got to know each other pretty well.  

So, any way, finally to the point, I continue to use Jimmy (real name Zamir) for rides as he is great with me as a disabled passenger and over the months we have also become friends.   He had encouraged me to get some PT and when I told him that I was going to do so he mentioned that he had a neighbor that might be able to help.   Sure enough, his neighbor is not only a trained physio therapist, but she has a specialization in MS and works for the local MS society.   How is that for a coincidence?

Anyway, I have a consultation with her on Monday and then the first real working session the following week.   Am so looking forward to it.   NOT!   I am sure it is the right thing to do though!

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