Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 22 - Previous Title Still Applies (+14)

Endurance, that is, or the lack there of!  I have to call about some PT!  Keep putting it off thinking that if I feel like I have a little more endurance built up......... Hmmm.   Maybe I should just "Do It!".

Getting up in the morning is always hard as I wake up with my back and legs as stiff as boards.  This has been particularly true post the treatment.  Some mornings better than others.  This morning not so good.   Did loosen up through the day so moved around to get a little excercise.  Had lunch and a wave of absolute fatigue slammed me over the head.  Put my head on the desk for a few minutes but then forced myself to get up and felt better for it!   This has happened before the treatment and I am sure has to do with  medications for twitching and spasming.

It is 14 days now since the end of the treatment and I am ready to be back to what ever it was that I called normal.   Not there yet though.   I do feel like my nervous system might be getting there but my endurance and fatigue levels are a big old headwind.

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