Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 16 - One Day at a Time! (+7)

Was feeling quite good this morning.  Spry as spry could be.   Well, by that I mean, almost as spry as before I went into the hospital.   One slight problem.   My fatigue threshold has been reset to very low.   Was pretty active in the morning, had lunch, and WAMMO...time for a nap.

It is interesting how eating lunch or dinner always seems to cause my body to slow down, maybe while it processes what is in my tummy?   This one is particularly bad as lunch was a big cup of very hot soup.   Sara made a great soup this weekend and I had to have some.   Hot stuff really does not do my nervous system any favours!  In any case I have a delivery of a prescription that I have to wait for before I can close my eyes.

As Sara has said all along, echo'ed by my cousin Donna more recently, ya just gotta take it one day at a a time!

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