Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 29 - Gotta Get Going (+21)

I think the visit by Zoe must have convinced me that I have to get going.  Not sure where I am going to but I need to get going there!  Actually I have known that even before the treatment this blog was inspired by but it is hard. 

Our session yesterday was just an assessment but she did point out a number of things that I am doing that I should not be doing.   Things like the way I walk, climb stairs, descend from stairs, and turn corners.   Hmmm.   She did say that I sit ok!  Seriously, paying attention to the way I do all of these things will help to train my quads which is where the bulk of my problems walking and with balance originate.

She was only here for an hour at the end of which she asked if I wanted to carry on longer.  NO!  I was already worn out.   I did feel better a little later and through the day spent most of the time that I was up and about using only one stick and paying attention to how I walk.   In addition, I went up the stairs in the approved manner.   Not so much coming down though.

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