Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 24 - Ups and Downs (+16)

This is starting to get old.   I do feel as though I am improving but I hit patches where I feel like road kill.   Felt better in the morning once I had gotten out of bed and stretched out.   Felt pretty good through the morning.   Moved around the house on a single stick pretty much all morning.

Had lunch, and as usual once my digestive system cuts in to action, kind of crashed.  Back on two sticks and moving slow.  Interesting how my digestive system works.  It's like my body only has so much energy to go around and digesting food takes precedence?   If it is a hot meal the effect is amplified by the heat but even a cold lunch kicks me in the teeth.   This has been a factor for a while and not just since the treatment.   Just the threshold seems lower post treatment.

During the late afternoon I hit a patch of fatigue that had me just about asleep at my desk.  Got up and moved around and felt better if wobbly.

Anyway, have been struggling all evening as well.  Little bit of vision disturbance and hands tingling in addition to being wobbly.  If it were not for a feeling that on some dimensions I am improving I would be worried!

I have scheduled a PT session for Monday.   First session is an evaluation so am not expecting to get a work out.   Scheduled a followup session in a week or so to get rolling.

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