Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 15 - Two Weeks! (+6)

Two weeks ago at this time I was getting a first blood test to verify that the first of five days of treatment could proceed.   Nine days later that five day treatment regime was completed.  

Sara keeps reminding me that I have been out of the hospital for only a week and that I should be patient about how long it will take to regain my strength and get out from under the expected side effects of the treatment.   Naturally, being a person of near legendary patience, I am taking this all in stride.  NOT NOT NOT!   Note that I am not expecting to be better off than when I entered treatment but I do want to get back to where I was, as bad as that might have been, as soon as possible!

In any case I am still bouncing back a little at a time.  I have even been able to get around the house a little with only one stick!   This is important as it is difficult to do just about anything on crutches and the scooter helps but is cumbersome around the house.   I know that I am likely to end up in a wheelchair at some point but I am fighting that eventuality.

I would note that after dinner last night my body crashed and I was struggling even on the two sticks but this is to be expected.   The side effects listed for the treatment suggested that fatigue was to be expected for the coming weeks.  One day at a time.

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