Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 28 - Physio Visit (+20)

Met with the Physio Therapist today for first assessment.   It was only an assessment and it wore me out!   She did know her stuff though.   I am obviously not the first MS patient that she has seen (as it is her speciality).  Just in observing me move around she made a number of observations about the way I am doing things that is just not right!

In the next session she is going to get down to excercises and the setting up of a program but in the meantime there are some simple things that I can do that will help.   Like paying attention to how I walk and to how I go up the stairs!

It is also clear that I need to spend some time each day doing some excercise.  May be obvious but when excercise cause all of my symptoms to flare it is not exactly something one looks forward to!

Have not written over the past couple of days, to some extent because I have been feeling the same, if not worse, and also as we had company.  Ok, that is not really the reason.  Maybe I was just feeling sorry for my self!  I am feeling a little better today, at least until Zoe came and gave me all kinds of tests!

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