Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 13 - Weekend at Home (+4)

My East Coast of the USA friends may not appreciate this picture.  As you can see it's sunny here!  Almost 60°F as well. Don't worry though the bad weather that you had is coming our way rain, rain, rain.
My recovery continues.   Every day I feel a little, sometimes, tiny, bit better.   Am trying to be as active as possible but fatigue is the issue.  Yesterday I cleaned up the kitchen.   In fifteen to twenty minute bursts with breaks in between.   Took hours!

I have regained much of the use my hands that I had lost though a little numbness continues to come and go.   At the worst during the height of the treatment I could not have typed.   I am still struggling with some fine aspect of touch but make up for it with patience.   I was always well known for my patience (NOT).

Tomorrow might be the day we conquer the north face...e.g. the stairs.   We will see.  TMI alert.  I am not sure I can handle another "bath" using wash cloths and a kitchen sink full of water.

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