Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 20 - To Sleep, Perchance to Dream ... (+12)

... as one who is able bodied.  When I dream, I dream as I used to be not as I am now.  In my dreams I walk and even run, though I never ran much to be honest!  Last night, however, I dreamt of MS and I guess of my search for help.

I usually don't remember a dream beyond the context but I do remember being in a wheel chair with Sara pushing me but it was set in the current time and I had just had my treatment of two weeks ago.   I am not sure where the wheel chair came from.

We were having a discussion with some people, that I think I recall as being family from the States, about treatments.   Everyone was proposing ideas of something they read or saw on the Internet.  As anyone with MS knows there are a lot of these from Acupuncture to You Name It.  I may post about some of these later come to think about it.

In the dream I was taking the science based side and arguing that medical evidence did not support most if any of these "cures" but my family was quite adamant that I needed to do something!   That is about it for that dream.   More than I usually remember!

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